Winter Comic Market 77 (C77)

Right now we’re in the middle of December so what events other than Christmas and New Years day is there to look forward to? The Winter Comiket of course!

Well first of all I would like to welcome anyone who has stumbled across this blog. It’s still under construction so don’t expect much. This blog will be updated randomly depending on my mood & whether I find anything interesting worth blogging about so don’t expect constant updates either. I’ll be adding some of my personal info as well as what this blog is about in the About section later while this page is to serve as a preview of later entries.

Let’s start with Comiket (which will now be referred to as C77). The world’s largest comic fair, will be held again in a few more days to come. I won’t be able to attend this event at all since I live in a different country but nevertheless I will be trying to obtain some of the merchandises that will be sold there. I won’t go into detail of what C77 is all about or give recommendations on what to buy as there are plenty of other sites doing it.  It will be more of my wishlist or stuff to get from this event.

The first thing to get is definitely artbooks and/or doujins. I just started getting into these not too long ago so I only know of a few good circles. Here are a few samples.

(from left to right: Afterschool of the 5th Year, Fancy Fantasia, SWAY WIND)

Moving on towards the next thing to get, we have music CDs. More specifically remixes of the soundtracks in the Umineko no Naku Koro ni visual novel series. There are also some Touhou music remixes too but there’s a lot of them, so I’ll cover them next time. Here are some samples of Umineko remixes. (go to the Youtube page if you want more info on it)

Due to the length of each part, I’ll be splitting it into 2 entries where the first will be about the artbooks & the second would be the music CDs. Here are some links from Wikipedia for those who would like to find out more about Comiket.

Simona’s Comic Market for Dummies (A general overlook of what Comiket is)

“What is Comic Market?” (A more detailed info of Comiket done by the Comic Market Preparations Committee)

How to Comiket, Part 1 & Part 2 (A shopping strategy, site is NSFW)

Ticktank’s English Guide to the Comiket (An alternative guide to shopping in Comiket)


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