C77 Wishlist: Part 1 (Update 08/01/2010)

C77 Wishlist Part 1 for artbooks, calenders & etc. (Warning: Image heavy post)

*Update 8 January 2010: WNB updated their site with more stuff they will be selling at C77, so I included it in their section here.

C77 will be starting in a few more days & most of the circles I like  participating in it have posted what they will be selling at the event. Here are some samples of the merchandise they will be selling which I got from their website and online stores. I can’t read read Japanese though, so I can’t give you a more detailed info than what Google translator can give me but you should be able to roughly guess what they are from the preview pictures.

Afterschool of the 5th Year (5年目の放課後)

Kantoku released a doujin titled Ashiato and I think it comes together with a clear folder & a mini paper bag. Got the tiny preview pictures from Amazon, just click them for a larger view. (w00t, managed to place a reservation for this at Kinokuniya, hopefully it arrives soon *_*)

(Update: omg I can’t believed I missed this. Aside from Ashiato, Kantoku has also released another merchandise called (Afterschool of the 5th year) – HIIRAGI though the nature is unknown to me at the moment.)


They’re releasing 2 new books, one is hitomatome which is A5 size with 36 pages while the other is called Lycee Rough sketches which is B5 size with 32 pages about the TCG Lycee. In addition to those they will also be selling some old stuff like Re: and H x H x H. Preview pictures below.

Re:. Preview pictures taken from Toranoana.

H x H x H (This is NSFW). This isn’t really on my wishlist, just telling some of the stuff that’s being sold by them. Serious =3 . Preview pictures taken from Melonbooks.

Fancy Fantasia

A 2010 Alice in Wonderland themed calender by Ryo Ueda. According to the website it’ll be coloured, A4 size & ring bound.

Next we have fragments. An artbook which is A4 size and fully coloured with 84 pages. It’ll be a compilation of mainly light novel works from 2004 to 2008. Not sure what kind of illustrations there will be but I’m guessing it will be about Alice in Wonderland based on the cover. Now this I really want. If I can only order one thing from this entire list it’ll definitely be this.


Tokiame of SWAY WIND will be releasing Carefree Scribble Sou Vol.5 for C77. It’ll be B5 size with 20 pages of Touhou awesomeness.

Tinkerbell (てぃんかーべる)

Tinkle will be releasing a full colour book called BiancoElDorado. Apparently some kind of silver paper is used for the cover to give it a mirror or winter kind of image. The limited edition of it at C77 comes with a transparent card of the cover.

Other than the book, there’s also the 2009 Winter Comic Goods Set which contains the following items:

  1. A clear box case that can hold A4 size objects.
  2. 2 clear shitajiki.
  3. A clear card holder.
  4. 6 clear cards of popular illustrations in the clear card holder.
  5. A Black Alice pen case.

There are also DSi clear covers & psp3000 clear covers being sold as limited goods there.

WNB (Update: WNB posted a page with info for all their stuff, everything in this section is updated)

For C77, WNB released the new books, a few collectibles & other stuff.

Remon iro Ehon is a book with 20 pages of various illustrations (I’m guessing there are a few Bakemonogatari & Umineko illustrations too). Preview pictures taken from Toranoana & MelonBooks.

Moving on there’s the set of collectibles which are being sold for 2000 yen at the event.

  • There’s a rough illustration book (might have made a translation error here) of Libro Secreto. It’s a B5 size book with 28 pages where the cover is fully coloured. It contains works from August 2006- 2007. There are also some comments included in the drawings. Sample pictures below.

  • A 2010 calender. It’s A3 size & the holder is made out of PVC. Pieces are detachable. Includes characters from K-ON!, Saber Lily & Haruhi.
  • A fully coloured paper bag featuring Hatsune Miku.
  • A face towel measuring 34 x 84 cm, green in colour & featuring Black ★ Shooter. Characters in it are BRS, DM, BGS and I.BRS & chibi versions of BRS and DM.
  • An A6 size paperback book cover. It’s one-coloured & nonwoven. It features an original character in a uniform.
  • 3 stick posters featuring Nagato, Kyonko & Hatsune Miku.

Next, we have a glass plate which is pink & white with a picture of an original character. It’s diameter is 15 cm & is going to be sold for 1000 yen. Preview picture below.

There’s also a telephone card set featuring a girl dressed in Navy uniform. (There were some extra details that I couldn’t make out, so I didn’t include them here). Preview picture below.

WNB will also be selling an older publication titled Achakura-san and icoico. It’s B5 size with 28 pages & the cover is fully coloured. It’s a manga with the theme of the story focusing on Nagato. Preview pictures below taken from Toranoana.

Other than the stuff they will be selling, they also contributed some illustrations for sale at the company booths.

One of them is a wallpaper illustration for F&C’s Canvas3 fan disk called VALENTINE PINK.

They also drew 2 illustrations for SILVER BLITZ’s TCG Lycee. (I couldn’t find the image for the full card at their site so I just included the samples taken from WNB’s website).

That’s all there is for now. Like I said in the earlier post, I just started getting into these kind of things recently so I only know of a few circles. If you want more previews for other circles, I would suggest that you go check out icie’s C77 watchlist. Links to it are provided below.

The Watch: Comic Market 77 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4).

And that’s it for Part 1, expect Part 2 which is about Umineko no Naku Koro ni music to be out sometime before C77 starts.


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