C77 Wishlist: Part 2

C77 Wishlist Part 2 for Umineko music.

(Warning: Video heavy post & may contain spoilers for Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru Episode 5: End of the Golden Witch)

This took a bit longer than expected as I was too busy playing Umineko Ep 5 now that the English patch is out. Anyway here’s part 2. So far there aren’t as many albums released as I hoped, maybe they just didn’t update their website yet or they really aren’t gonna release anything. I’ll have to wait till C77 is over to make sure. So before that I’ll give you what I can find for now. Most of the videos here were made by me using the illustration & track demos available at their site unless stated.

Roundbooster Architexture

This PV was made by someone called ryuusa02 & was available on Rounbooster’s site. The track used is called Wonderful World by Roundbooster Architexture. This PV contains some characters from Umineko Ep 5 but there isn’t too much spoilers here if you don’t mind the new characters. Just stop watching at 2:42 & you should be fine.

Wonderful World album demo. Roundhouse are the people who did the ending themes for the 4 Umineko question arc but I think this album is a fan made one since I didn’t hear it when playing Umineko. Need confirmation on this.

Project 205

This is just the web demo that was available on their site, I’ll post the full verison once I get it. This video contains a lot of spoilers for Umineko Ep 5 so avoid this if you haven’t played the game yet (though I would assume those following the game would be halfway through Episode 5 by now). Track used was just a small excerp from the album that’s being released with the video called 『 なかない君と贖いの幻想 』 (don’t know how to translate this).Really looking forward to this, Project 205’s Umineko motion graphics never disappoints.

Neko Neko Capotasto

I couldn’t really make sure whether this circle will be taking part in C77 since I couldn’t find any indication they will be attending it except for the words winter & comic when I went through the site but I’ll add them in here anyway. This circle has only released guitar version of Umineko tracks & some of them are available for download together with the scores from their website.

If they’re attending C77 then I’m guessing they’ll be releasing their new album, Naku Naku Whopping Solo Guitar. This album contains tracks such as happiness of marionette & Fortitude. Here’s the full tracklist:

  1. happiness of marionette
  2. Fortitude
  3. hikari
  4. Promise (約束)
  5. Daydream’s End (白日夢の果て)

In addition to that, I’m guessing they’ll be releasing some of their old stuff too. So I’ll include them here.

This is a track from their album Naku Naku Solo Guitar. All the tracks in this album are available for download at the music box section in their website.

The album demo for Naku Naku Solo Guitar 2 together with a full version of one of the tracks in the album. Some of the tracks in this album are also available for download at the website & there’s even a  link to YouTube where the person who goes by the name Nekocapo there playing the tracks on his guitar.

That’s all the Umineko music that will be released during C77 that I can find for now. If any new albums which weren’t mention here are released, I’ll update this post to include them. If you’re interested in looking for demos of previous albums released by other circles try going through my YouTube page, I have uploaded most of the doujin music I can find for Umineko there. Just click on the link  below to go to my YouTube channel </plug>. If you know of any circles that I’m missing there, feel free to tell me & I’ll try finding them (excluding tracks that are released for the anime).

YouTube – KenHeika’s Channel

And this concludes my C77 wishlist. Hopefully I’ll be able to acquire most the the things mentioned in both of them~


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