This blog is where I’ll be posting about anything that interest me on the net. It’ll mostly be about anime related things but when I say related I mean it in the loosest sense possible. In addition to that I have added various useful links at the site, so check them out when you have some free time. A lot of them should be well known enough anyway. This blog currently has no official name yet as I’m quite bad at them so I’ll just leave it as ‘KenHeika’s Blog’ until I think of something better. There will not be anything available for download on this blog or any site related to it if it’s copyrighted. Neither will there be any methods on where or how to download them. Any comments or mails requesting them will not be entertained. I have several other contact info & accounts on different websites too on the net. Just go to my main site, Yanagi Shouji which is linked to this blog to see them if you’re interested.


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